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15 Dramatic Film Website Designs

Contemporary movie releases are accompanied by a promotional website where visitors can watch trailers, read a synopsis, download stuff, and enjoy games, apps, and other content. Over the years these sites have evolved enormously thanks to advances in web design. Despite this adaptation, the genre has a specific presentation which is often strictly adhered to.
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Interactivity in Web Design: Tips and Examples

Interactivity in Web Design

When creating a site lots of aspects should be considered. Your website is kind of a mediator that helps you to get in touch with your clients. Therefore, it’s critically important to draw visitors attention. A user should feel that he can manage the site and easily find all needed information there. This is the way not just keep clients’ attention, but to engage new clients and profits.
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Common Responsive Web Design Blunders

Responsive Web Design

Creating attractive and effective responsive web design is not like a piece of cake. It requires hell more than designing a normal website. If you go with the concept that responsive web design is all about creating funky and stylish layouts, then you are wrong. The concept of responsive web design revolves around the concept of best user experience. Remember, there is no success without overcoming hurdles and there are some great challenges in responsive web design also, which sometimes force you to make mistakes in designing a responsive layout.
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