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Interactivity in Web Design: Tips and Examples

When creating a site lots of aspects should be considered. Your website is kind of a mediator that helps you to get in touch with your clients. Therefore, it’s critically important to draw visitors attention. A user should feel that he can manage the site and easily find all needed information there. This is the way not just keep clients’ attention, but to engage new clients and profits.


Interactivity in Web Design

Designers and developers pondering the puzzle over more secret elements to make their website design really attractive. The harmonious combination of design and functionality is what every developer would like to see on his or her site. Of course, you can “reinvent the wheel” and create a site from scratch. Or you can simply use best website builder ever to create a dream website. Many successful and popular sites have figured out a few puzzles and have spiced their website up with interactivity.

What is Interactivity?

Interactivity means a term that indicates a degree of interaction between objects. In web design these objects are a user and a site. The reaction of any visual element while a mouse over is also interactivity. For example, a horizontal strip of photos to move left or right, depending on the position of your mouse or corners of the pages of an online journal rise up, as if calling to turn the page.


Interactivity in Web Design

The trick is to use web interactivity that attracts people and makes them participate in the process of being on the website.

How to Add Interactivity to Your Website?

There are a lot of ways to add interactivity to your website, but first of all you need to clear up the main goals and functions of your site.

Just imagine that your site has radio buttons and hyperlinks as the elements of the web interface. If you will make the switch as a three-dimensional cube, and hyperlinks will be placed on the flip-book pages, both of these elements will be interactive.


Interactivity in Web Design

A new trend of 2013 year is flat design. You can make it interactive as well. You can make the pictures change their color for black and white or conversely, for bright colors when the mouse cursor is over. This technique is used on Pinterest, third biggest social platform in the world and in Windows 8. One more interactive website with flat design:


Interactivity in Web Design

People come to the site in order to obtain information, make sure that they have made a few simple steps to get it. So you are interested in by even more. If you can not connect online creative interactivity with quality content, be sure that success is waiting for you.

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