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Designer without Developer or How to Work Alone

Hey there! My name is Pavel and I‘m a web designer. I am passionate about my job and I love analyzing works of others, if I have some free time. They are all around me: on signs, posters, and even in the apps on my iPhone. Sometimes I have some issues in my work, especially when my task is not limited to the design part of the job.
When a customer needs a design of business cards, logos, t-shirts or any other printed products, there are no problems. I do my job, and the result of this work is the final product. When it comes to website creation (templates, facebook pages, etc.), the quality of the final product depends on developers I work with. But what if you do not have a developer who would be able to do the job?
One of my recent customers wanted a website and all my friends developers were not available for various reasons. Here are a few screenshots of the designs I had.

Home Page

W3-markup freebies

Portfolio Page

W3-markup freebies

Pricing Table

W3-markup freebies

I considered hiring a freelancer, but I had some doubts about his skills and didn’t feel like giving my mockups to a stranger. Would he complete the task? Would the results be satisfying? How long would it take for him to do the job? How much money would he ask in the end? There were too many questions, when the design was completed, and I started searching for the developer.
The solution was simple. I asked W3-Markup.com for help.

W3-markup freebies

W3-Markup is a company that takes design files and converts them into XHTML/CSS and HTML5/CSS3 markup. They also offer WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, Magento implementation, HTML Email coding and lots of additional options.

There are few things that I like about them most:

  • a perfect combination of quality and price;
  • communication with their customer support is more credible than the communication with strangers-freelancers;
  • the company will never cross the deadline;
  • they offer money-back and non-disclosure guarantees;

Overall these guys did a great job, and you don’t have to take my words for it. Feel free to download a one-page template I ordered from W3-Markup. See for yourself the quality of the code they deliver. I also give you the designs of the rest of template pages as a freebie. In order to download the template, please enter your email address in the field below.

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Discussion 3 Comments

  1. Michael

    I’ve always wondered about those HTML/CSS code houses. It looks like you had a good experience, though. Nice job on the template, too! One thing to add is that you could always learn to do it yourself. I’m learning to code HTML and CSS. It would take a while, but would be great practice.

    • shmitacc

      Yes, you’re right, it was good experience and I’m going to do it again with my next template. Therefore, I’ve desided to advise this service to the readers.
      And, when it comes to learning to code HTML and CSS, I think that everybody should do his/her job, for example, I’m a designer and I should create designs. Because a person should have talent to do a particular job, I believe.
      Anyway, thank you for your opinion )

  2. Michael

    I couldn’t agree more – focus on what you’re good at and let other people support and help you out! Happy New Year!

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