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Designer without Developer or How to Work Alone

W3-markup freebies

Hey there! My name is Pavel and I‘m a web designer. I am passionate about my job and I love analyzing works of others, if I have some free time. They are all around me: on signs, posters, and even in the apps on my iPhone. Sometimes I have some issues in my work, especially when my task is not limited to the design part of the job.
When a customer needs a design of business cards, logos, t-shirts or any other printed products, there are no problems. I do my job, and the result of this work is the final product. When it comes to website creation (templates, facebook pages, etc.), the quality of the final product depends on developers I work with. But what if you do not have a developer who would be able to do the job?
One of my recent customers wanted a website and all my friends developers were not available for various reasons.
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Showcase of One Page WordPress Themes Plus a Few Tips

One Page WordPress

You have already know that one page website is a largest trend of 2012. Every designer tried to create a single page portfolio in order to stay up to date and modern. One page sites are divided into two types: vertical and horizontal scrolling. Sites with horizontal scrolling are quite rare, but day by day the number of such kind of websites increases. According to the latest projections, horizontal scrolling is a tendency of the next year. Anyway, trends come and go in the history, but websites remain. If you’re going to create a single page website, I’d like to share with you a few simple rules and amazing one page WordPress themes.
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35+ Typography Blogs to Skyrocket Your Creativity

Typography Blogs

It usually happens that you don’t even notice how important some regular things may be. You see them every day, you use them, but when something is wrong with such things, you are confused.
Typography is that kind of regular things. When everything is fine with it, you don’t pay much attention to the text style. But when the designer used a bad typography, you immediately notice that its hard to read, its looks bad and so on.
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Anatomy of Colors: Using Orange in Web Design

Orange Websites

Continuing our series of articles on the anatomy of colors, today I’d like to tell you about orange. Lots of people say that orange can look sticky and cheap as it’s known to be a polarizing color. It seems like a fair assessment, remembering the orange color of price stickers, prison uniforms and traffic cones. But the correct using of orange color in web design can give you a range of advantages. Depending on the applying it, orange can cause associations with autumn, flickering fire, and certainly, fruit itself. It all depends on why and how you apply it.
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Words Have a Meaning: 55 Excellent Bundle of Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials

photoshop text effect tutorials

No matter you’re learning Photoshop or you’re already a savy user, fresh Photoshop tutorials will help you to improve your skills. The text styling definitely can make a difference. It can give the simple words a completely different dimension and make them transfer the meaning in a more powerful way. Any dull and uninteresting text can be turned into the awesome typography that would draw the visitor’s attention at once.
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