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Stunning Infographic to Show Off Our Growing: Progress Report 2012

crazypixels infographic

2012 year is coming to the end. This year we have launched Crazypixels Blog.

We have started from the scratch and today we enjoy the fruits of our labors. Maybe it looks like bragging, but still all the results you can see were reached because of you, guys! We are more than happy to bring to light the progress report 2012 in a form of infographic. It was designed by Smitacc specially for Crazypixels Blog.
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Anatomy of Colors: How to Create a Brilliant White Website

white website

Today we have a review of white color in our section “Anatomy of Colors“. White is all around us, just remember what the main color of your house design is? Of course, it’s white. White color is clean and elegant. It is characterized as perfect and complete, it shows the absolute. White is full of opportunities and freedom. Its fundamental quality is equality, because it contains all colors (they are all in it). It inspires and gives us feeling of freedom. But what is the importance of white in web design? How to create a great white website to be proud of? Let’s figure this out today!
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Latest Cosmetics Websites Trends: Beauty will Save the World

cosmetics websites

Have you ever asked yourself what beauty is? I think each person has its own concept of beauty. But in today’s crazy lifestyle it’s difficult to devote much time to yourself. Cosmetics helps us to stay beautiful and attractive at any time. So, let’s find out how should modern cosmetics website look. We’ll also figure out what design elements needed in such kind of website and what makes cosmetics website popular.
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50 Wonderful Winter Photos: Getting Deeper into a Blue Season

winter photos

As north winds blew and shrouded the world with cold, I thought of magical beauty of snow and ice. Snowy winter is an awesome fairy tale that smells Christmas holidays and homey feel. Favourite blue season has come, so let’s wear warm mittens and take a walk outdoors! Don’t forget to take a camera with you, because winter is a great season for taking amazing shots.
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