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Fil Dunsky Interview: True Story about How Yoga, Painting and Patience Made Him Happy

Fil Dunsky

All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.

Despite the fact that his works are recognized in Russia and overseas, Fil Dunsky continues to believe that he’s not an illustrator, but he’s just learning to be one. Today’s article is an honestly interview of a great artist that told you about happy childhood, growing up in a tight connection with with drugs, how yoga has changed his life and how much he loves his job.
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Interactivity in Web Design: Tips and Examples

Interactivity in Web Design

When creating a site lots of aspects should be considered. Your website is kind of a mediator that helps you to get in touch with your clients. Therefore, it’s critically important to draw visitors attention. A user should feel that he can manage the site and easily find all needed information there. This is the way not just keep clients’ attention, but to engage new clients and profits.
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