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12 Awesome Amazon Products You Can Buy


There are so many interesting things in the modern world and around us that you can’t help but look over and stay hypnotised by all of them. It’s so easy to get lost in a shop among the countless shelves, before you find what you need. We are glad to offer you a selection of interesting products for home and personal usage. These goods have a wide array of helpful, fun and unique functions. We are so fond of all this stuff, that felt it needed to share with you. These products will bring you inspiration, joy and good mood every day. Click on the title of a product and it’ll lead you to amazon, where all this cool stuff is available.

Twelve South BookBook for iPhone 4/4S

amazon products

Creative cover for your phone and wallet rolled into one. This amazing thing will keep save your phone and your money. You’ll have one less thing in your bag. It’s very useful case. Two hard covers of this book will protect your phone from different damages and it looks stylish, as well.

Nintendo Wall Graphics Super Mario Bros

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We all without exception have played in Super Mario in childhood. Just take a look on these nice pixel stickers on the wall. They will add bright emotions to the most boring room in the whole world.

Classic Cassette Silicone Case Skin for Iphone 4 4th 4g

amazon products

Classic Cassette Silicone Case Skin for your Iphone will be the the most stylish accessory ever. It perfectly fits the shape and protect your favourite phone from scratches. This case is specially designed for the iPhone 4 AT and T version, but not Verizon, also the charging port is covered up, in any case, you can easily remove the case for charging.

Retro Elvis Style Computer Microphone (Silver)

amazon products

Old-fashioned design microphone in retro style. It is suitable for any computer model. Besides the microphone features natural sound reproduction. It seems like you’re singing while you’re just talking on Skype.

Pet Hoodies

amazon products

If you really love your little pet you’ll not allow it to get a cold. This sweet hoodie will prevent the freezing of your cat or dog. The hoodie is made from soft cotton for a cozy, comfortable fit. It also have ribbed sleeves and your pet will be able to run as fast as earlier, without it. It don’t holds down the movement of your sweet pet.

Kikkerland Skull Shot Glasses, Set of 4

amazon products

This spooky 3D skull shot glass is just amazing. It hold 1.5-ounces. Made of glass.

Magnet Balls Original Edition – Magnetic Earth Magnet Puzzle in Collector’s Tin

amazon products

With these Magnet Balls you can create a new form. The balls are high-energy rare-earth magnets. This puzzle have a million of solutions. Playing with balls eliminate stress. You can create something new and effective or just hold them in hands. The puzzle contains with 216 balls.

Glow in the Dark Toilet Roll

amazon products

You hate to turn on the light in the restroom at night as we do? So we’ve got the solution of this problem. This Magic Toilet Roll glows in the dark. You’ll never lost the toiler paper at night. It’s absolutely safe for your health.

Time Warp Shelf Clock

amazon products

If you really like different creative and unusual things, this Time Warp Shelf Clock will be perfect addition to your home stuff. You’ll surprise your neighbors and other guests for sure. Now you have a great possibility to place this homage to Salvador Dali’s Persistence Of Memory on your shelf.

Celluon Magic Cube Laser Projection Keyboard and Touchpad

amazon products

This Magic Cube turns any surface into a virtual keyboard or multi-mouse. You need to give cube a try. The cube has motion detection technology and laser projection. It’s easy to use, it has a small size and, in addition, it fits to your mobile, tablet or laptop. You need no drivers. The cube works with USB connected or without it.

Star Wars Stormtrooper Ceramic Mug

amazon products

Star Wars Stormtrooper Ceramic Mug can be yours just for $25.85. You need to hurry up, this mug is in stock now. Made of quality ceramic.

Shot Glass Checkers Set Full Sized

amazon products

Shot Glass Checkers Set has a full size. It’s perfect for different parties. You’re playing and drinking at the same time. The winner will be drunk first. Set includes glass board with rubber feets, 13 clear and 13 frosted glasses. It will arrive in a gift box.

Pixel Mouse

amazon products

It’s amazing gift for those who like retro old-school Pixel. It would be a huge hit with computerhead anywhere.

8-Bit Tie by ThinkGeek

amazon products

We all grew up on 8-bit video games world. This pixel tie will be the best present for your friend’s birthday or other celebration.


amazon products

Take the chill off your next party when you serve guests a shot in an edible frozen glass. This new fashion trend has found its way to private households, not only clubs and pubs. 12 ice shot glasses made in plastic tray. Just twist the top off the plastic cups, fill them with your favorite fruit juice or anything else, put top back on and place upright in the freezer. Once frozen, separate your ice glasses from twist top and pour.


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