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10 Free Resources for Creating Beautiful Infographics


The emergence of social media websites and networking platforms, over the past few years, has had a significant impact on the online marketing approach of websites and organizations. Marketers are focusing more on transforming complex information and data sets into easy to understand content that is fun to read and tempts the users to share it with their friends and social circles.

This is the reason why infographics have been such a huge hit with marketers all over the world. Not only do infographics present a lot of dry and boring data in a very attractive, engaging and user friendly manner, but they also usually get shared a lot on social networks due to the value they deliver in a short period of time.

The trend has further intensified thanks to the introduction of free online infographic designing tools and applications that enable common users with little designing knowledge or expertise to develop extremely attractive and action driven infographics within minutes. Most of these free tools are web based applications and do not require any downloading.

In fact, it is primarily due to the introduction of these awesome tools that you now see almost every website and organization utilizing the strength of infographics to get their message across effectively to their audience.

But creating infographics alone is not always enough to guarantee you success. Equally important is how you choose to market your infographics and make them visible to their relevant audience. By their very nature, infographics are made to go viral. Therefore, you only need to trigger the marketing process and the rest usually takes care of itself.

Keeping these factors in mind, we’ve put together a list of extremely useful resources that will address all the steps in creating and marketing infographics effectively. The list includes a number of extremely useful infographic designing tools and applications along with a few websites and directories where you can submit your infographics to give yourself a better chance of reaching your relevant audience. At the end, there are a couple of comprehensive articles that address the key steps involved in designing engaging infographics and a step by step guide to making your infographic content go viral.

So without further ado, here’s your list to infographic success!

Infographic Designing Tools

EWC Presenter

Beautiful Infographics

EWC Presenter is one of the top online infographic designing tools available for free. It is a comprehensive tool that offers a diverse range of designing options and features that are hard to find in other such online tools. It has overly simplified the process of creating engaging and attractive infographics and provides an extremely user friendly interface that is ideal for even the most amateur users.
The EWC Presenter offers a number of pre-designed infographic templates and themes that you can activate at a single click. You can add different data charts and objects using simple drag & drop options and further edit them using single click editing tools.Data representation methods such as graphs, charts and visuals are also pre-embedded in the themes and only require the users to enter values. The interface is very user friendly and support tutorials literally walk you through the whole process of creating your infographics.


Beautiful Infographics

Piktochart offers an attractive range of features and themes that can create beautiful infographics for you in a matter of minutes. The tool allows you to insert images and charts and gives you the option to import data from CSV files. It also gives you the option of exporting your completed infographics as JPG or PNG files so that you can easily share them on your social network profiles.

What About Me?

Beautiful Infographics

It’s a unique tool that integrates data from all your social media profiles and presents it in visual form using beautiful infographics. You only need to connect your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn profiles with this tool so that it can fetch the data from them. The tool allows you to create infographics of your digital life habits, likes & dislikes and general activity within a few minutes and can even surprise you with the picture it eventually extracts.


Beautiful Infographics

Infogr.Am is another modern online infographic tool that comes with a wide range of data illustration options and attractive themes that will help you create awesome infographics in a very quick time. It has a relatively friendly user interface where objects can be used by simple drag & drop functionality.


Beautiful Infographics

This is an awesome tool by Intel that gives visual form to your digital life by integrating all your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. The tool allows you to create infographics of your digital life habits, likes & dislikes and general activity within a few minutes and can even surprise you with the picture it extracts.

Infographic Submission Websites

Once you’re done with the designing of your infographics, you should start promoting them aggressively. The best way to do that is to submit them to leading infographic submission websites and platforms. These are usually high traffic websites with a significant social media, email and RSS following. Submitting your infographics to these platforms will not only help you promote your infographic to their subscribers, but also use the strength of these websites to get more search engine traffic.

When you submit your infographic, make sure you do the following:

1. Give it an attractive title that not only represents the core content of the infographic but also attracts search engine traffic through relevant keywords.

2. Add a killer description of your infographic. Many times users look at descriptions first before having a detailed look at the infographic itself. Therefore a poor description might cause your visitors to go away. Also, a carefully written description, that includes the relevant keywords, is critical in attracting search engine traffic.

Here a few websites where you should look to submit your infographics

Submit Infographics

Beautiful Infographics

Daily Infographic

Beautiful Infographics

Infograhics Archive

Beautiful Infographics

Resources for Learning

Since infographics are still a relatively new form of content marketing, therefore, make sure you regularly follow expert marketers and learn the practices that they recommend while creating infographics. Here are a couple of useful resources to help you understand infographics better.

7 Steps to Make Your Infographic a Success – Moz

5 Ways to Get Your Infographic Go Viral – Quick Sprout


To excel in every field, there are several quality resources you need to consider. In blogging, the top WordPress and Drupal are notable CMSs to consider. For building a website, IMCreator and Easy WebContent are proven tools. Likewise, the above are the best tools, and resources, when creating your own infographics.


Joseph is a marketing expert and designer who works for Hindsite Interactive

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