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Website Creation. Are Functionality, Design and Usability the Bitter Enemies or True Friends?


In today’s world even a person without coding and other technical skills can create a website. If you start doing any job, you should do it well. Before a website creation you need to get acquainted with the theory of web design, this knowledge will be definitely useful in future. The key to success of any web project is the combination of three elements: functionality, design and usability. Let’s figure out what do all these terms mean step by step.

Design and Usability

Main function of any website is an information content. Users should be able to find their way around quickly and easily. Nothing should be a hindrance in the user’s way to the needed information. The site should allow the user to perform any act simply, for example, the button “Add to Cart” on the online store should be in the sight, right next to product pictures and its description.

Like on this website: Kinetico – Responsive WordPress E-Commerce

Design and Usability

Website content drives the traffic, so it can makes your website popular or not. Users don’t read all the information in a row, which is placed on your website. Once the site opens, people scan the web page view in the search of what they need. The best option is to organize a content layout, for example, identify headings, paragraphs, key words, separate the images from text and so on. Scientists’ research have shown that the text divided into the paragraphs with highlighted important information is easier to read and understand.

You can see the paragraphs in this website template below:

Elegantica – Responsive Business WordPress Theme

Design and Usability

Here is one more good example:

Complete WP – Business / Corporate WordPress Theme

Design and Usability

Usability means ease of using something, in a case, a website. Site navigation should be intuitive and consistent, the user should find the way easily, because he came to your website not to solve puzzles. New websites and design technologies appear day by day, so there are no specific standards for website usability, but still it should be simple.

A few examples of navigated menu, which we would like to share:


Design and Usability


Design and Usability


Design and Usability

Make navigation smooth by using textual descriptions for all the links. Personal websites can afford to be more creative, but business ones requires more clarity and efficiency. Remember that if a user can not find the needed information in less than 3 clicks, most of them will leave at once.

The first impression of the website consists in the first ten seconds. Whether you like it or not, the website design affect user’s behavior and as a result it influence on the conversion. Depending on the type of your website, you should create nice, attractive and up-to-date design. Try your best to keep up with the latest web design trends. Avoid a lot of bright elements. Minimal style design is always appreciated by far. If you already have a website, you can do a redesign as needed. Remember that not just people ages, but the websites as well. A good, thoughtful design can be enough to control the user’s behavior.

Here is a great example for photographer’s website:

Incidental – High Class Photography WP Theme

Design and Usability

Business style website:

Modernize – Flexibility of WordPress

Design and Usability

In conclusion, I’d like to recall one web design principle, created by Kelly Johnson. KISS that means Keep it Simple, Stupid! Try to make the website understandable and simple to everyone, irrespective of the profession, age and skills.


I’m a copywriter. I'm fond of web design stuff, photography, music and books. I write poems and short stories about life as I'm free. I’m going to unlock some secrets and share the inspiration with you.

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    • Fermata

      Thank you for yor comment, Stacy. You can use website templates with CMS 🙂

  1. Mike

    Im new to learning and writing HTML and CSS and am having a little trouble styling my first website I’m building now. really appreciate your tips and examples. They help with getting my creative juices flowing.
    Any chance I could email you what I have done so far and get input?


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