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35+ Typography Blogs to Skyrocket Your Creativity

Typography Blogs

It usually happens that you don’t even notice how important some regular things may be. You see them every day, you use them, but when something is wrong with such things, you are confused.
Typography is that kind of regular things. When everything is fine with it, you don’t pay much attention to the text style. But when the designer used a bad typography, you immediately notice that its hard to read, its looks bad and so on.
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4 Hardest Decisions in Typography

typography decisions

Typography is defined as the art of arranging or composing text in a pleasing manner. Every font style and color gives different psychological effect to the viewer. This is the reason why it is really hard to make right choices in typography. Every part of a web design depends on its visual and so does typography. The organization, color scheme and placement of a font decide the next step of your website’s visitor. So it can be said that typography itself is really hard to perform in web design.
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33+ Awesome Examples of Typography Inspiration


typography inspiration

One of the most fashionable trend used in wed design last year is awesome and modern typography. A lot of us have heared about the typography before, but to avoid lack of understanding we will post the definition. The typography is a graphic design of printed text arranged using rules, which are specific to certain language. Taking about the typography, we mean a beautifully designed text. or the fonts designed specifically to the site, or even individual letters. Such kind of text can easily revive a boring picture, place the correct emphasis or hide something.
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