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50 Wonderful Winter Photos: Getting Deeper into a Blue Season

winter photos

As north winds blew and shrouded the world with cold, I thought of magical beauty of snow and ice. Snowy winter is an awesome fairy tale that smells Christmas holidays and homey feel. Favourite blue season has come, so let’s wear warm mittens and take a walk outdoors! Don’t forget to take a camera with you, because winter is a great season for taking amazing shots.
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Autumn Sadness: a Showcase of Awesome Autumn Photography

Autumn Photography

Autumn is already here. It’s like a transition period between summer and winter. Autumn is a season of mellow fruitfulness, winds and mists. But don’t succumb to autumn sadness. Autumn is a season of taking a really great shots. Along with cold winds and clouds bright autumn colors have come. It seems like an artist has painted all the leaves in yellow, orange and red. Autumn is burning out with a riot of colors. Wind takes the leaves and makes them dancing round in circles off the ground.
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Escape from reality into a mysterious dream: Breathtaking Pictures by Julie de Waroquier

dream pictures

There are not so much truly talented photographers. French photographer Julie de Waroquier takes light and airy shots. Her works are the mix of surrealism, magic and fantasizing. It seems that there is something incorrect in her pictures, for example the unusual flock of birds flying overhead in a closed room or a tiny structure which puffs moving through the forest. Julie’s photos remind dreams and the most unusual stories.
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Emotional Breakdown: Showcase of Awesome Pictures by Sven Becker

Sven Becker Photography

Inspiration can be found absolutely everywhere. Moments of everyday life which, you want to remember even after many years past is the greatest felling. The photography helps us to keep lots of exciting and unforgettable moments in memory. Photography can freeze time and it’s the most important property. They evoke emotions from the soul depths.
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