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Anatomy of Colors: How to Create a Brilliant White Website

white website

Today we have a review of white color in our section “Anatomy of Colors“. White is all around us, just remember what the main color of your house design is? Of course, it’s white. White color is clean and elegant. It is characterized as perfect and complete, it shows the absolute. White is full of opportunities and freedom. Its fundamental quality is equality, because it contains all colors (they are all in it). It inspires and gives us feeling of freedom. But what is the importance of white in web design? How to create a great white website to be proud of? Let’s figure this out today!
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Anatomy of Colors: Using Orange in Web Design

Orange Websites

Continuing our series of articles on the anatomy of colors, today I’d like to tell you about orange. Lots of people say that orange can look sticky and cheap as it’s known to be a polarizing color. It seems like a fair assessment, remembering the orange color of price stickers, prison uniforms and traffic cones. But the correct using of orange color in web design can give you a range of advantages. Depending on the applying it, orange can cause associations with autumn, flickering fire, and certainly, fruit itself. It all depends on why and how you apply it.
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