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Stunning Infographic to Show Off Our Growing: Progress Report 2012

2012 year is coming to the end. This year we have launched Crazypixels Blog.

We have started from the scratch and today we enjoy the fruits of our labors. Maybe it looks like bragging, but still all the results you can see were reached because of you, guys! We are more than happy to bring to light the progress report 2012 in a form of infographic. It was designed by Smitacc specially for Crazypixels Blog.

We’d like to wish you all the best next year. We hope that your dreams will come true. In turn, we promise that we will provide you with high-quality and useful content next year. Thank you a bunch for being with us all this time. We do appreciate every single reader and want to say that if there were no YOU, guys, there were no US. We have lots of interesting web design stuff coming really soon, so subscribe and stay tuned 🙂

CrazyPixels Infographic (clickable)

crazypixels infographic

Thanks for a wonderful year, see you in 2013!

ShmitAcc writes inspirational articles about web design technologies and useful web design tutorials, where you can find a lot of top tips how to create amazing web design artworks.

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