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Pinterest: Features of Social Networking


Pinterest is one of the most high-profile Internet projects in recent years. According to Experian Hitwise, Pinterest is the third most visited social network after Facebook and Twitter. Recently it has caught up Twitter on the number of clicks per minute. Its market growth surprises the experts (network grows faster than the same social networks).

General Director of the site has a very important task today. He has to build a company that could respond adequately to increasing interest of users. He said that it has always been a problem for similar projects that were faced with explosive growth of popularity. Enough to remember how often on the top of Twitter’s popularity we saw the blue whale, carried away by the birds. Fail Whale means that Twitter is overload.

Some Historical Facts

The process of project creation was very hard: their founders have not enough money and among the investors nobody wants to sink money in service, developed by people without technical training.

While most startups have been focused on providing the information in real time, none of the investors, which Pinterest asked for help, couldn’t imagine, that someone will be interested in idea of collecting nice pictures. During first four months the service have had only few hundreds users.

Pinterest’s team tried to tell about the project everyone they know – from childhood friends to strangers from the conferences. People began use the service in order to realize what is important for them. So, parents involved in home schooling children have used Pinterest to create lesson plans. The director of Sales delicacies “Ohama Steaks” Todd Simon was one of the first who started to post photos of goods and recipes of the firm products on Pinterest.

Having started to grow, new social network is not going to stop. Every month the number of Pinterest’s fans increased by 40-50%.

When you know what you are looking for, you use Google or Amazon. But what if you do not know what you need? Pinterest is a great tool to help you to decide what you want.

Pinterest broke up the system of organization the information in the Web based on reverse technology, which is favoured by Facebook and Twitter. By the way, this technology is not the default way to organize the online information, it’s overly-used, tired system. We believe, Pinterest is the first site, where the idea to mainstream success. Most information about the world we perceive visually, by eyes, the linear presentation of information in the Web is very convenient. The basic goal of the site is to connect all the people in the world by their interests.

The Main Idea

The main idea of Pinterest is to create and share various collections of different stuff you like in any category you choose. This idea isn’t new, it was tried before by many start-ups that has been failed. Pinterest lets you grab pictures of beautiful things while browsing the Web by offering a Pin It button. The images are collected on the “board”, and other users can comment and follow them. People use pinboard to plan their parties, weddings, decorate their homes and organize their cooking recipes. Also you can browse pinboards of other users in order to discover something new, get the portion of inspiration from users who share your interests. If you want to get started you need request an invite.

pinterest social networking

Using Terms

Let’s get in terms of Pinterest.

How to register and set up your account?

Currently Pinterest is under open beta testing, and registration is available by invitation only. But do not worry about it. You can ask your friend who has registered to send you an invite or leave your mailing address in the special form on the site, and after some time (usually within two or three days) you’ll receive an invitation.

pinterest social networking

After receiving the invitation you can create an account and start configuring it. (You can use it through your Facebook or Twitter account as well.) Right after that you’ll get to the page of different interests. Here you can see a grid of images, corresponding to different categories. Note interesting themes, the service will show you the images you like in the first place.

pinterest social networking

What is a pin? A pin is a picture that was added to Pinterest. You can add a pin using the Pin It button on the website or just upload the image from your PC. If you add a picture using Pi It button, it will link you back to the site the picture came from.

pinterest social networking

What is a board? A board is a kit of pictures, another word, pins. You can create the board on any topic you want, such as My Wishlist, or My Fasion Style, or My Favourite Recipes for Dinner. You have an amazing opportunity to add an unlimited amount of pins to the board.

pinterest social networking

How to create a board or add a pin? After creating your own account, you can push the button “Add+” on the head of the site, this button will help you to add a new pin, upload an image or create a new board.

pinterest social networking


Of course, such a successful project entailed the creation of a number of sites that try to provide Pinterest’s users with additional opportunities. And bite off a piece of glory, as well. Thus, the service PinAQuote can convert any selected text on a web page to the image and send it to Pinterest.

pinterest social networking

Url2pin.it works with screenshots of sites.

pinterest social networking

PinPuff allows you not only determine the extent of popularity in the network, but also to find the most interesting members of this service.

pinterest social networking

How can you use Pinterest?

The strength of this service and also the secret of success lies in the fact that it combines several different functions, so that the Pinterest model depends only on your needs and fantasies. You can use it for visual bookmarks, expanding on different thematic boards that interest you on the web images, videos or quotes.

This is an excellent advisory service, where the collective consciousness makes up the most interesting and helpful links. It can be used as a social network that you are always aware of interests and hobbies of your friends. Businessmen can use Pinterest to promote their products and brands. Creative people look for inspiration in the dense flow of images from around the world. I’m pretty sure that you will find the place to this service in your information ecosystem. For everyone who wants to try Pinterest I will gladly send an invite. The first 10 people, who comment the post, will be invited personally by me.

Feel free to follow me on Pinterest.

Happy Pinning!

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