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Vivid and Culture-Inspired Design of European Football Championship 2012

euro 2012

UEFA European Football Championship 2012 is going to be the 14th European Championship for national football teams. It will be hosted in Ukraine and Poland from 8th of June to 1st of July 2012. This is definitely a great event and it requires special approach which influences not only preparation of the countries but exclusive design and decoration idea. So this time we are going to pay attention to the very design of Euro 2012.
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WordPress Themes: Contemporary Trends in Professional Design

wordpress themes design

WordPress themes have been a one-stop solution for top-quality website creation for a long time and they still remain a helping hand both for professional designers and beginners. But what is not less important, WordPress themes always comply with modern trends and in 2012 they keep on offering a lot of advantages for fast and easy creation of second-to-none contemporary websites.
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Our Stunning and Crazy World. Part 1

crazy world photography

Today we open a new section on our website, called Our Stunning and Crazy World. Here we’ll place some unusual and awesome facts, which take the breath away and can be told over and over again. All the facts will be discussed and supported by pictures. Suffice it to talk, let’s go straight to the fun. We are glad to share with you our first collection and, we believe, it’s worth to appreciate. If you do like it, don’t forget to subscribe on our updates, don’t be shy to like us on Facebook.
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15 Stunning Amazon Book Cover Designs


amazon books

We Need To Make Books Cool Again. If You Go Home With Somebody And They Don’t Have Books, Don’t Fuck Them
– John Samuel Waters (the author of “Role Models”)

“A picture paints a thousand words” is an old proverb and I believe it’s true. Book cover is like a man’s face. We see the book cover first and then try to estimate the book’s content. Covers always caught the attention of the readers and it has the strongest visual memorization. Book cover design give us the unique opportunity to get the concept of the whole story.
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FTF Theme – Free Premium WordPress Theme

free wordpress theme

Hi there! In case you’ve been looking for a nice theme for your website or any other ongoing project, today we’ve got something for you. We want to share with you the FTF WordPress Theme. This theme is extremely easy in use, because it controlled by the Turbo Editor Framework. To get more information about it you can visit the official website.
Let’s talk a little about the WordPress Theme. It can be used to conduct your personal page or any other type of business. Moreover, this Theme has many built-in sliders which can be used for various purposes, such as a beautiful demonstration of your portfolio. This Theme will be the perfect choice for the designer, artist or photographer.
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20+ Smashing Photoshop Web Layout Tutorials

photoshop tutorials

Our passion for different web design stuff grows day by day. So, today’s article will be useful for both beginner web designers and professionals with extensive experience. Here we collected more than 20 Smashing Photoshop Web Layout Tutorials.
For the beginner this article will be useful in order to learn a lot of new stuff and improve skills while practice, it’s critically important. Also it will be useful for the experienced web designers to take a look at the works of other specialists in order to find some fresh ideas.
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Amazing Photo Manipulation “World on the Tissue” in Photoshop

photoshop tutorial

In this photoshop tutorial I will show you how to create a fairly simple, but effective collage “World on the tissue”. Spring has finally came and I want some bright wallpaper on my desktop. You can use any photo as the main image: mountain landscape, summer swimming pool, green meadow, anything your heart desires. To perform the following task you need: a picture that will be used as the main, the image of canvas fabric, Adobe Photoshop and of course, the desire to do something special.
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