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No Mobile App? You’re Giving Your Customers a Reason to Go

You don’t step into a business to fun around. You have a motive that needs to be achieved within a time specified. The question is, how things are going to be approached? Nobody knows the answer better than you.

While a lot has been quoted blatantly about the topic in the past, a bunchful of techniques are already out and well-known. Out of the clutter, mobile apps tend to be the reason for your customers to stay back with you; which is a reason good enough, isn’t it? Yes, it looks like that, considering the pace at which SmartPhones have captured lives.

Mobile App

Now, amidst all that, could you picture a business deciding against having a mobile app for its customers? Ideally, there shouldn’t be any. But, you will be surprised to know that there are still such businesses that do not bother having one. If you’re one of them, you are calling for some serious trouble. Consider it an alarming bell; you are giving your customers a strong reason to change their track, i.e. switch to another company.

Mobile users these days are app friendly who often seek an easy way out to do what they would either have done over the computer or on a mobile website. Mobile website sure is another way to keep your numbers more or less the same, but it seems as if mobile apps have secured their place; which brings me to a few instances where I have heard people talking about how they have been making use of mobile apps to make life easy.

“You want to dine-in at a nearby outlet? Find it with your app.”

“Want to catch up a movie? Get your iPhone near.”

Mobile App

Yes, you must have heard this before. This is normal. It happens with me too. I can’t just get my hands off my phone to look-up information. Even my father recently got familar with this. I’ve made him an expert now !

Well, coming back to the native topic, according to a famous independent research company, Forrester; if your mobile app strategies are not developed and nurtured properly, your peers will throw you out of the relay snatching away your customers by giving them the convenience needed. Moreover, if you never planned to have a mobile app, you must think about it before your competitor does its job.

Mobile App

Forrester further suggests that a business that creates a compelling app after some research, more importantly if a business nurtures an app that is able to address the customer’s needs, then there’s no doubt that users would sway their way in. Take an example of a mobile payment app, which facilitates a user to pay directly without going on a website. As a matter of fact, its much easier and painless.

So, it’s quite clear as of now. If you don’t have an app, you may not have customers by your side. You’re giving your customers a reason to back away, if there’s no room for a mobile app. Get one now, if you haven’t had it yet. It’s no tough nut to get one developed for your business.

Mobile App

Just know what you want to do with it. Begin working only when you know what message would it convey or how would it help people or why people would use it. The other thing is to recognize who your audience would be. Whatever you do, make sure your app does not look like the replica of an existing app. Engineer it with a different functionality, features, theme, or the motive it serves. That’s it!

Mini Belwal

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  1. ian

    Great article,i still forget about apps etc on phones.yet more people are using them every day.i think its time i started building my sites to be more app freindly.

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