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Gadget Revolution: Website Designs for Mobile Application Store

Over the past few years the market of mobile applications has grown significantly, it contributed to the rapid development of online stores like the App Store and Google Play. Thanks to these stores we have a lot of choices in the market of mobile applications and can continuously improve functionality of our phones.

As the number of happy owners of new phones is growing day by day the developers are bringing new ideas to the market and as a consequence, the new apps. The competition is so huge that it becomes more difficult to stand out from the crowd that is why the applications are accompanied by beautiful websites. Practice shows that it significantly improves the efficiency of sales.

In this article we’ll describe the most common trends in website designs for mobile applications store. Do not take this advice as a basis and unthinkingly use them at your website. You have to add a personal detail in order to spice up a website and highlight it among the rest ones.

Screenshots of devices and applications

The main part of any site on the mobile application are the screenshots. Visitors are interested in a purchasing the product, therefore it’s the easiest and most effective way to demonstrate the main features and the user interface.

There are three the most common ways to show off the features such as a gallery, magnifying glass and description. I do believe everything is clear with the galleries. Screenshots on the websites are changing after a certain period of time. They show how the interface will look on the screen of your device. With a magnifying glass you can show small parts of the application which can set it apart from the competition.

When it comes to the description, they are usually used it as a supplement to the first two points. As a result a visitor can understand a main goal of the app.


app website designs

App Store or Google Play Icons

The most effective way to tell a user how to find a certain app is to give him the links on them. For clarity the references are made ​​in a form of button with icons of the stores. Often we can see the QR-code or some other element for a quick jump to the store directly.


app website designs

Bookmarking and Sharing

The number of social networks’ users increases day by day. Many people use them as the main source of news and tools for communicating with friends. So, app stores take advantage of this trend in order to attract the users on their websites. If your application has at least a small social aspect, it will be shown on the site for sure.


app website designs

Colorful Pictures

In order to make design more interesting mobile app stores add some pictures and typography elements to their websites. This combination creates a special atmosphere on the website and helps to sell the product.


app website designs

Using of images is a trend, but not for mobile store websites only. Many websites with beautiful design use the pictures. Sometimes they used illustrations as a background or additional design element to demonstrate something. Using of pictures helps to increase the efficiency of sales, because for the most of people design remains the main criterion for selecting an application.

Examples of Great Website Designs

In order to confirm the above, here are some examples of amazing website designs for mobile app store. Also you can add some feature on your website to stand out from the other similar websites.


app website designs


app website designs


app website designs


app website designs


app website designs


app website designs


app website designs


app website designs


app website designs


app website designs


app website designs


app website designs


app website designs


app website designs


app website designs


app website designs


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