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Creative and High Quality Work at Home: a Brief Guide to Become a Successful Freelancer


Today’s society offers freelancing as the most popular job option. Freelance refers to a temporary work, which is controlled by the agreement or contract signed with the employee and employer. The flexible working space and schedule make it the most attractive job variant, so the amount of freelancers growing day by day.

Both the professionals and students can be a freelancer. Freelancing usually offered a project or tasks list, which a person should complete by a deadline in return for an agreed in advance amount of money. There are a host of benefits that can be used by those, who can manage a freelancing life without loss of health and other life pleasures. As usual, people freelance partly or a full time. There are people who can’t work in the office and don’t feel comfortable in the social sphere. It’s much easier for them to work at home and communicate with the employee by Skype or phone. On the other hand, people who want to make some extra money and moreover, can organize the schedule in order to find time on other projects can take either part freelancing.

I want to dispel a few myths. Freelancing isn’t so easy and free as it seems on the face of it. In order to become a successful freelancer, you need to make the lion’s share of efforts. The problems, which come along with the freelancing may have the heavy implications.

Maintaining a good customer-employee relation, a freelancer should control the quality, quantity and time of work. In this article I’d like to tell you about all the problems you can face with in this field, the complexities like customer’s pressure, balance between personal life and work, playtime and work time and so on. An awareness of the problem is the first step to solving it. The harmony between leisure and work, and also the success in both areas are the highlight of the article.

Before you follow all the complexities arising on the freelancer’s way, you should notice and realize them. It’s better to know how to act in advance rather than face the problem face to face and get lost. Here it is: A Guide to Become a Successful Freelancer.

Balance between Life and Job

Finding the balance between life and work is probably the main challenge on the way of a freelancer. Freelancers work at home and have a flexible schedule, but an inability to organize yourself and your time can lead to imbalance between life and work, and as a result, the lead to missing deadlines and losing money. Working from home for many hours or even days may be the reason for mixing up your work and personal space. As a rule, home is associated with the rest, but if you work at home all the faces are blurred. Handing both areas, the freelancer should be very careful, they don’t have to overlap. Define a clear timetable for work and playtime, while you work at home, only you can organize your time.

freelancer brief

Close all the tabs with social networks, like Facebok, Twitter and so on. You always think I’ll take a quick look on the message from my friend, then you see the timeline updates, than an old friend of yours retweets a link about web design trends and you want to see them and it keeps on going till the world ends. As a result, these five minutes turn out in two hours of your time. Define a clear edge for work and rest and try to stick the schedule. Social networks and other entertainment are accessible only during the breaks and playtime.

Deadlines without Losing Quality

The deadline creates a tension in the minds of any employee, independently of working in the regular office or home. Deadline gives the feeling that you might fail to do something or do it not so perfect, as you actually could.

freelancer brief

So, meeting deadlines can become a great problem. Unlike the office staff, who log in and log out the working system at the same time day by day, freelancers work at home. They think, that they can do the job anytime they want, without fix hours or prohibitions. The lack of bosses and teams, at least in sight, relaxes the inner discipline, because of home working. These are the common mistakes of ineffective freelancer. Without maintaining the fixed schedule, you’ll never achieve the designed goals in this sphere. Therefore, try your best to control the working and playing hours.


Walking the freelancers path, you can also face some difficulties with maintenance. In the regular offices these problems are handled by the organization, but the freelancers should rely on themselves only. You need to maintain your documents, tools, systems at your own expense. Anyway, if you decide to try luck in freelancing, you need to be ready to accept such kind of risks.

Developing the contacts

Unlike an office worker, a freelancer should find a job or project by himself. He can start out the project as soon as it becomes available. Therefore, try to develop the contacts in order to find projects that are better paid. Make friends, even virtual, while you are corresponding with your customers and do you best to do the quality job in time, this is the key to success in this area.


The flexible working time can create a list of challenges. Working at home can be depressing for some people, because we used to work in a society. We used to share thoughts and discuss some ideas, appeared while the work process. Freelancers are devoid of fun and office playtime as well as sharing with co-workers. So, try to maintain a healthy work atmosphere and don’t forget about breaks and relaxation. You can always find like-minded freelancers on forums and social networks.

Managing Customer Pressure

Before starting out the work on a new great project, make sure that the deadline a customer offered is achievable. While you determining the deadlines, you should always keep a bit extra time to finish the issues arising inside the project. It will also help you to complete all the stuff ahead of fixed hours in order to double-check everything before returning to the customer.

Some customers could give you unrealistic deadlines, in this case, feel free to speak up and ask about extra time. You should be clear about your work hours with clients to avoid confusion and misunderstanding. Try to be honest and don’t hesitate to report about the current status of a project. It’ll help you to gain trust in you.

Freelance Work Websites You Should Know

Finding the right job can be kind of trouble and if you are a beginner it’s even harder. When you are looking for a job from home, freelancing is the perfect choice. Creative and skillful people should keep on sharing their works to the rest of the planet. You will see the benefits of freelancing on your own, you need just give it a try. There are a wide variety of jobs you can choose from on the online job boards. Browsing thousands of freelance websites can take a time and don’t give a desired result. So, here we’ve selected a list of the most trusted and popular freelance websites, which you can do through and maybe you’ll find the right job, who knows.


freelancer brief

Using Freelancer.com to find and get work on your specialty is a step in the right direction. By providing a kind of market services for clients and freelancers from around the world, they are reducing the time and costs of finding work for your business. There are a few things that the beginners should consider, ranging from placing a bet and ending the development of the finished product. With the tools and capabilities provided this website, freelancers can protect their interests and earn a good reputation at once.

If you are looking for the first project on Freelancer.com, pay attention to projects with a yellow icon “trial”. Wagering on such projects may just beginning freelancers who haven’t completed projects yet and reviews from the customers.

Despite the project type, always review the profile of a customer. Experienced customers always provide enough information about them posted on the profile in order to get the first positive impression of a freelancer. Lack of information may mean that the customer is inexperienced and not serious, it might means the fact that he has something to hide.

Depending on the size of the project, you may require a phased payment Milestone Payments on a completion of certain parts of the work. Most employers will agree to this if the project is large. You are always free to ask an advance, but a rare customer agrees to give you an advance, if you have no reviews. Remember that there is a risk of being cheated always. Therefore, use a secure payment type.

99 Designs

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A feature of this website is that the customer writes the requirements specification, which is seen by all the designers, and if you have the desire and ability to work, you can perform it. After the customer selects the design he likes, the author takes the prize.

Besides, the website has many areas in which you can show your skills: logo design, website design, icon design, banners, buttons, backgrounds for Twitter, t-shirts and much more.


freelancer brief

It’s another graphic design marketplace for freelancers. Here you can share the buttons, forms, textures, business cards design, vectors, different design templates, fonts and so on. Graphicriver is more than a website, it’s a community. Here you can ask questions in the forums, hear from authors and leave comments. It’s not just the selling facilities, but also news, interactivity, competitions and whatever else related to the design.


freelancer brief

DesignCrowd is a website for outsourcing design projects like logo design, web design, t-shirt design and so on. As a rule, clients posted the brief description of what they want to have and designers present designs around the global. Then the client choose the option he or she likes the most.

Job Board from Envato

freelancer brief

Just seven dollars per month you’ll get the subscription to this website. Here you’ll find a job board. There are a lot of different vocations like designer, developer, writer and so on. Just go through the vocation list and email the client you like the most. Get in touch with the customer, send the email with CV or brief attached and you’ll get the job you dream up.

Here are a few more freelance useful websites. If you fail to find something suitable on the sites above, here you’ll find the right job for sure.


freelancer brief

Programmer meet Designer

freelancer brief


freelancer brief


freelancer brief

Time for Action

There are a huge amount of possibilities to make money, just find your own way to do it. Don’t give up looking for a work of your dream. You need to think carefully about what skills and knowledge you have and in what area you could apply them with the maximum return. It’s never too late to start learning something you really like and become a happy person, who loves his job. Good luck.

I’m a copywriter. I'm fond of web design stuff, photography, music and books. I write poems and short stories about life as I'm free. I’m going to unlock some secrets and share the inspiration with you.

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