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33 Stunning Examples of Logo Design: Bubbles

bubble logos

Time goes by so fast. Everything in the world is changing by leaps and bounds. It also applies to web design. However, there are some things which don’t change. I’m talking about logos of soap, shampoos and shower gels, bubble gums and balloons, which can be imagine in just one way. Bubble is the best way to show off the relating to this stuff as well as to associate a brand and product in client’s imagination.
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Showcase of the Retro and Vintage Logo Designs to Get You Inspired


retro logo designs

Vintage and retro styles would never gone out of vogue. When it comes to the design, retro style means moving back to the cradle of graphic design. It’s quite difficult to create a handmade vintage style, but it worth of our attention, it looks extremely amazing. “Old-school” breath feels here particularly hard. If you notice, the most eminent trend in retro logo design is using the circles. So, huge amount of designers always connect circular bursts with the “old-school” style. Robots and retro TV-sets are the parts of another tendency in retro logo design.
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