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Emotional Breakdown: Showcase of Awesome Pictures by Sven Becker

Sven Becker Photography

Inspiration can be found absolutely everywhere. Moments of everyday life which, you want to remember even after many years past is the greatest felling. The photography helps us to keep lots of exciting and unforgettable moments in memory. Photography can freeze time and it’s the most important property. They evoke emotions from the soul depths.
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Eye-Catching Collection of High Quality Free Fabric Textures

fabric textures

The designer needs a lot of tools while he works. It might be a new font, icon set or texture. There is no need to buy something you can download absolutely free, like textures. You know, that the textures are important in the sphere of web and graphic design, because it makes a feeling of depth and finely crafted picture. There are a huge amount of textures in the web, both free and paid ones. Today we have come up with the smashing collection of high-quality fabric textures, which can be used for any kind of projects.
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A Few Things to Remember in front of Choosing the Right Facebook Cover

facebook cover

In each article about Facebook we keep on talking about the timeline, despite the fact that it’s not an update, it has become a part of our online life already. This innovation helps to display your Facebook profile in a better way, just get creative with it. Facebook Timeline Covers gives you a possibility to turn out your profile unique and exclusive. Your personal picture on the cover’s place makes you look outdated in the eyes of other users. You can give it a try and design your profile with some amazing cover. Before you start out creating or purchasing a new cover design, get acquainted with a few things to remember in front of choosing the right Facebook cover for your personal page.
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19 Stunning Facebook Timeline Covers You Can Buy

facebook covers

The world always moves forward. You can ignore this movement, as the movement of minute hands on the clock, but they still go ahead. If we talk about the Internet technologies and social networking, there the movement feels particularly strong. Recently, Facebook started out using the timeline, but today you can find the timeline covers and timeline templates all over the internet, both paid and free ones. This suggests that once there is a new feature appeared, everyone try to make money on it or glorified. In any case, catching a new wave in order don’t miss your chance is a good quality of a successful person.
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Tasty Life: a Showcase of Extremely Delicious Websites

tasty websites

My curious mind asked me, why people go to the restaurants? We want to eat something tasty and have a rest. We want to get break from the hustle and worries, the usual home walls, nervous fellows and public transport. Celebration place is not a difficult issue, since we already know the answer, it would be a restaurant or cafe. Everything will be organized, prepared and served for the money we pay. In a search of inspiration creative people, such as poets and artists, go to the cafe. Competition makes the market grow, every cafe is trying to stand out with the intricate dishes, interior, exterior and the creative website.
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30+ Breathtaking Sketches from around the Internet

sketch designs

A sketch is a freehand drawing that is not usually intended as a finished work. A sketch might be used as the shortest way of graphically demonstrating an image, idea or principal, it might record an idea for later use or it might record something the artist sees. Usually, sketch is a rapidly executed work in a dry media such as pencil, pen or ink, oil and water color paint.
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Photoshop Tutorial: Create an Amazing Summer Flyer Design

flyer photoshop tutorial

There is a heat of summer outside. Everybody are trying to take the best of the summertime. People have a rest at the sea cost, lay on the sun and organize noisy parties until dawn. As usual, the flyers for the hottest summer parties are handing out on the beach. Once I’ve looked at the flyer and decided to create something like this (maybe even better).
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Awesome Body Painting Pictures to Break Your Inspirational Funk

body painting pictures

The creative people get the inspiration everywhere, no matter how far it can goes from the classic artworks. Wouldn’t it be better though, if we could first get motivated and then get to work? You need something to get the inspiration for those days when your mouse finger isn’t clicking as it should and the pixels aren’t aligned. Today we would share with you the portion of the Body Painting Pictures. The Body Painting is the art of painting on the body, which is one of the body art’s areas.
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