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A few Tips & Tricks to Create a Brilliant Portfolio Website


Day by day I walk around the Internet space. Often I’m just looking for inspiration and after thousands of different portfolios were before my eyes, I can distinguish a good portfolio from a bad one. Today I’d like to share with you my thoughts on how to create the correct, interesting, useful and incredibly beautiful portfolio website.

If you are a creative person like an artist, photographer, designer you supposed to create a personal portfolio website in order to show off the works to the public. You can say, that there are a lot of different websites where you can place your portfolio around the Internet, but the services they offer don’t have all the necessary requirements.

Portfolio is useful for a couple of reasons. The web based freelancer can give the present customers opportunity to view their pictures, design or technical skills put into practice. Other people can create the portfolio to share works they have completed in past. Doesn’t matter, what the goals you have, the portfolio website should demonstrate the freedom of expression and attract the clients.

In this article I’ve tried my best to collect the best tips and tricks to create a brilliant portfolio, which will not only show your works, but bring in a return.

#1. Conciseness in the website design

One main principle of a successful portfolio is drawing the users attention on your works, but not on the graphics and design features of the site. Nothing should detract the potential client from the viewing pictures, meaning your works. Of course, you can create a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing website design, but you should always remember that its primary purpose is presentation of your skills. Except the case, you are a web designer and website features are like the manifestation of your abilities.

portfolio website

#2. Place the logo in the top left corner of the page

According to the research, when a person opens a website his view runs from left to the right side, we used to read in such a way. That’s why the best place to put a logo is top left corner of the page. The best option is to place the logo not only on the home page, but duplicate it on every single page of a site.

portfolio website

#3. Incredibly beautiful home page

When the user opens a website, he makes a split second decision to stay or leave. Therefore you should make a perfect home page. There are a few things like the logo, which reflects your personal style, slogan as a short description of your activities and some examples of your portfolio should be on the home page. The first page of the site should summarize what you are doing.

portfolio website

The call buttons supposed to be in a visible place, for example, in the header. Completely different users can get on your website, but despite the age and ability to use Internet, they must understand how to behave and where to go next. Not all people are well savvy in surfing the Web. Don’t let them feel like a little kid who get lost in the supermarket.

#4. Interesting About Me page

The main purpose of the portfolio website is advancing in the competitive market. There should be something else, which would distinguish you from the rest, I mean your Bio page. Your site should contain a brief description of you, but keep in mind the target audience, while you’ll write something about yourself. You need to mention in a brief description such moments as who you are; what do you do; what you can do; your education and experience.

portfolio website

People read the web information in other way they read books and magazines. They read fluently, highlighting the key points for themselves. Therefore, write information about yourself succinctly, leaving the most interesting and important moments. Your potential customers don’t necessarily to know your feet size or the age, when you made your first steps.

#5. Convenient Contact Form

Your portfolio website must have the contact or feedback form. It’s not enough to leave the email address or phone number to the potential clients. Contact page should contain the straightforward form with such fields as a name, email address and text message. Most users don’t want to enter a lot info about themselves to leave a comment or application for an order. Don’t make them striking a blow, just give them an opportunity to leave a message. And the contact form is the paramount way of doing so.

portfolio website

You can also place an advanced contact form with a great amount of fields or add a button like “Attach a file”, it depends on requirements for your personal web project. Just keep it simple.

#6. Blog with Inspiration and News

Blog inside your portfolio can give you a lot of benefits. You may share your thoughts, experience and ideas there and people will read you as well as they will visit your website. It’s like a marketing tool to entice the potential customers to your website, it will bring you a bringing traffic. Truly great post will be reposted or linked, as a result you’ll get a huge traffic to your blog. These users could be not the part of your target audience, but they would aid you to make Google ranking higher, I mean you website will appear higher up in Google search.

portfolio website

Blogging is also a good way to increase your knowledge, you will be writing articles on various topics that will be extremely useful to you. Your reputation will increase as well, especially in the eyes of colleagues and creative people like you.

#7. Stunning Portfolio, Which will Kill with Its Beauty

Of course, portfolio shouldn’t kill anybody, but it must be amazing. People should say something like “Wow!” after seeing it. Don’t spread all the pictures you have at your portfolio page, add just the most interesting works, which makes you feel proud. People are lazy by nature and they won’t look through all your works from start to finish. It’s better to put 10-20 breathtaking artworks, but the best ones, instead of 100 images, which will lose their charm because of an amount.

portfolio website

#8. Stay Sociable

Let your visitors follow your updates, news, social networking and other services like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Behance. Make friends with your customers, stay open to communication and people will like you for sure. You work in services, so you should be always smiling, sympathetic and kind, despite your personal problems and other issues.

portfolio website


Many people think that the fantastic design of their portfolio website would be the key to success, but it’s not really true. Behind a veil of stunning design and beautiful graphic features of the website should always be functional and information.

Always remember that you show off not only your works on the portfolio website, but yourself. Don’t leave your content behind. Listen to your heart while you would work on the website, it’s the best way to create really amazing things.

I’m a copywriter. I'm fond of web design stuff, photography, music and books. I write poems and short stories about life as I'm free. I’m going to unlock some secrets and share the inspiration with you.

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    Thanks for writing the article! All great tips for any creative designer to create their awesome website.

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