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A Few Things to Remember in front of Choosing the Right Facebook Cover

In each article about Facebook we keep on talking about the timeline, despite the fact that it’s not an update, it has become a part of our online life already. This innovation helps to display your Facebook profile in a better way, just get creative with it. Facebook Timeline Covers gives you a possibility to turn out your profile unique and exclusive. Your personal picture on the cover’s place makes you look outdated in the eyes of other users. You can give it a try and design your profile with some amazing cover. Before you start out creating or purchasing a new cover design, get acquainted with a few things to remember in front of choosing the right Facebook cover for your personal page.

Note the Limits

Quite likely you had no time to read the rules for creating and using Facebook covers, but there are a lot а useful information. Regarding to the Facebook Guidelines page, the covers are public, therefore every visitor of your page are able to see it.

1. You have no chance to encourage people to download your Facebook cover to their profiles like their personal ones.

2. You can not use call to action slogans like push “I like it” button, share and take a part in a competition or something similar on a Facebook cover, as well as it can not contain the information about sales, for example, “Off 75 %” or “Download it on our website”.

3. Facebook bans posting your contact information like website address, email address, phone numbers, which might be placed in a particular profile section “About”. You shouldn’t place the notifications, social network links and call to action buttons “Like”, “Share”, as well as a hand, pointed on these buttons on your Facebook cover.

4. The cover shouldn’t contain the other types of call to action buttons, like “Buy it right now” or “Tell your friends” and so on. It shouldn’t include the false, misleading information and violate the intellectual property of the other people.

Follow the Brand Pages

We must be aware of the different changes in order to stay updated. When it comes to Facebook, the best way to do it is following the most famous brand pages. So, here I’ve selected the fresh incredible showcase of Facebook covers of the different celebrities and companies.

American Express

facebook cover

Captain Morgan USA

facebook cover

Amy’s Ice Creams

facebook cover

Red Bull

facebook cover

The Olympic Games

facebook cover


facebook cover


facebook cover

Chevy Sonic

facebook cover

Our Five Best Covers by Reader’s Opinion

Probably, you’ve already read the article 19 Stunning Facebook Timeline Covers You Can Buy, where you could look through our works and even purchase them right from the website. There are five best Facebook covers by our reader’s opinion below.

Mosaic Pictures Facebook Cover Design

facebook covers

Art Photographer Facebook Cover Design

facebook covers

“Cover is loading” Facebook Cover Design

facebook covers

Web and Graphic Designer Facebook Cover Design

facebook covers

facebook covers

“Welcome to My Timeline” Facebook Cover

facebook covers

The Lecturing End

If you want to create or purchase a Facebook cover, remember about just two important moments. First, know the limits in order to do not break the rules in future and be trapped. Second, follow the modern tendencies, brands and creative people and stay always on top.


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