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4 Hardest Decisions in Typography

Typography is defined as the art of arranging or composing text in a pleasing manner. Every font style and color gives different psychological effect to the viewer. This is the reason why it is really hard to make right choices in typography. Every part of a web design depends on its visual and so does typography. The organization, color scheme and placement of a font decide the next step of your website’s visitor. So it can be said that typography itself is really hard to perform in web design.

Now, let’s take a look at what decisions, faced by a designer, make this typography field hard.

Choosing Purpose and Mood

typography decisions

You may have experienced this specific demand of a client of designing the fonts according to purpose and mood of his website. You might have heard that every typeface possess a different personality, purpose and mood. So, choosing between them is really tough decision. In order to overcome this, read colors related articles and utilize your own senses to see what fits and what does not.

Choosing the Right Fonts

typography decisions

This is the trickiest and most important decision in making a design visually pleasing. You have to choose the font which depicts your work line perfectly. If you are working for a fashion magazine, you must choose a design that depicts glamor and elegance. Understanding the nature of traffic helps a lot in taking the right decision in this regard.

Creating the Right Contrast

typography decisions

Every website and advertisement is read by that device, which uses light for display e.g. monitor, cellphone, etc. So, sometimes your contrasts may not work. Actually, this is the hardest of all decisions because a website’s contrasts colors are chosen only one time. Ok now if you have found some couple of best contrasts then the question arises that which one of them you should choose. Yes! These types of questions about contrast make it really hard for typographer to succeed in this field.

Organizing the Spaces

typography decisions

In a website, almost everyone focuses particularly on the quality of content but there is one special thing that is most often overlooked by website owners. This is actually a task of typographers. This task is probably not that easy unless you have a good know how of web typography. Once you have got full control over this field then you can perform it perfectly otherwise this spacing task is really tough which particularly sometimes results in wrong decisions. Well! To take this decision right, read all the rules and regulation of tracking and kerning and I’m sure that it will not be a hard decision for you in future.

Make It Right

So, if you are a typographer, then you probably will have gone through these decisions. You will face these problems until you have become perfect in this field and the fact is that no one can learn each and everything about a particular field. So, it is recommended to read more and more about web typography especially about the nature and use of colors. Asking your friends may also help you in taking right decisions.

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