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15 Outstanding Design Portfolios You Can’t Miss Out

If you’re a creative freelancer you’ll understand the importance of your portfolio. In an industry where your livelihood is built on images that look great, it makes perfect sense to display your work in a creative and appealing manner. Clients know that if your portfolio looks great, chances are their work will too.

Your portfolio can be as innovative as you please – helping you show off your previous projects to great effect in what is a very competitive industry. But before you design your online portfolio in any old way, take a look at these creative freelancers’ websites for inspiration.

15 Outstanding Design Portfolios You Can’t Miss Out


Design Portfolios

HM-Andrei.ro is the brainchild of web design and photography cultivator Andrew, from Baia Mare City. The funky, fruity mix of photography and computer generated graphic design leave you in little doubt about this guy’s creative abilities.


Design Portfolios

With a portfolio accessed through shaped thumbnails, Julien Renvoye offers a clean and creative white on charcoal site that certainly stands out.


Design Portfolios

Part designer, part coder, the split talents if Aham Dannaway are clearly displayed in his homepage image. Completely kooky, this website shows off Adham’s designs in a fun fashion.


Design Portfolios

A chic portfolio from a classy lady. This combines photographic excellence with a black and white colour scheme that’ll always be in fashion.


Design Portfolios

An intriguing use of computer generated imagery on a long, scrollable page; this site almost tells a story.


Design Portfolios

Navigate horizontally or vertically, it’s completely your choice at Teacake’s online portfolio. The vibrant yellow background allows this website to stand out, while the large images leave you in no doubt of the talent possessed by its creator.


Design Portfolios

Set out in a notebook style, 13 Creative is a stylish example of an online creative portfolio, with a pale blue colour palette and spattering of swirls. This is a happy website.


Design Portfolios

Not sure why this design features a CGI fridge… but it looks fabulous even despite its arbitrary nature. With language such as “dude” and “web monkey” used on the first page, you know you’re getting a unique personality when you hire Shannon Moeller.


Design Portfolios

Simple and effective, the layout of Damian Simpkins’ Art Direction and Design portfolio displays a clear understanding of how to effectively use white space online – ideal for all those internet projects.


Design Portfolios

Graphic and web designer Wing Cheng offers a beautiful display in a notepad style. Click on each sketch and you’ll find further details and imagery relating to his previous works.


Design Portfolios

It’s big and it’s yellow. Bold writing and hi-res images make this an in-your-face website of stand-out design. It’s fun, it’s young, and it’s super cool – totally reflective of Ewen Spencer’s niche.


Design Portfolios

Who said design had to be complicated? Simon Foster offers a website of clean cuts and straight lines. The linear scroll only serves to make this site more effective in its narrative structure.


Design Portfolios

An assault of patterns and colours, Adam Hayes’ website is eye-catching and displays the artist’s personality. The complete antithesis to the use of white space online, it shows that a busy portfolio can be beautiful too.


Design Portfolios

Designer and illustrator Frank Chimero shows how to combine white space and creative layout with a website that looks not unlike a noticeboard.


Design Portfolios

Enter the Tawn website for a look at Ashleigh Downer’s creative works and scroll through collections and illustrations inspired by crystallography.

If you’re a creative by name, make it obvious you’re creative by nature. Your portfolio is what sells your skills so make it stand out. Judging by those already out there, there is some stiff competition.


Susie Francis

This post was written by Susie Francis (leaflet experts at Affordable Leaflets) an aspiring content freelancer who loves to write about business, technology & travel.

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